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Time Lapse Cameras

Job Site Surveillance’s job site progress cameras (time lapse images) allow you to monitor any construction site from any PC or mobile device. Our job site progress cameras are solar powered and transmit images over the wireless phone network, so no internet connection or power at the site is required.

We offer 3 different time lapse camera solutions.

The MC-30 series allows for scheduled time lapse images.

The MC-60 series builds on the popular MC-30 Series cameras adding live video streaming, built-in digital video recording (DVR), and LiveView high-frequency still images that are uploaded quickly.

The SiteWatch-Pro Series is a flexible and powerful turnkey security and surveillance solution for remote site monitoring, recording, and alerting.  It is designed to address difficult sites that do not have power or internet available.


KEY FEATURES mc-30-pole-vert-crop3_1

  • HD Color images (up to 8MP) – clear pictures of your job site for documentation, sharing, identification
  • Compact and integrated – no separate battery boxes or parts, weighs  < 15 lbs. Easily mounts on tripod to move from site to site.
  • Complete system – solar panel, integrated battery system, brackets for pole mount. Nothing else to buy.
  • Monitor from anywhere – 100% web interface allows multiple users to monitor from any PC or mobile device – no software to buy, install, or maintain.
  • Automated time-lapse – automated collection to your schedule, automated daily time-lapse movie.
  • Affordable – The integrated design of Job Site Surveillance’s progress camera means the lowest cost solution available in a professional construction site camera. Why pay more?
  • Full-featured user interface (WebApp) – full-featured site camera with up to 8MP HD color images, configurable time-lapse, on-demand images, alerting via text/email, power management, time-lapse movie generation, image progress comparison, annotation and more. WiFi and cellular built in.

Job Site Surveillance’s construction site job site progress cameras are ideal for construction site security and time-lapse documentation. Fully integrated job site security / job site progress cameras that are simple to install and simple to use, and portable across job sites and different angles.

If you have not been using job site progress cameras due to cost and complexity, Job Site Surveillance’s progress cameras are a perfect opportunity to keep your project team, investors, and partners informed, and to provide professional site monitoring and project time-lapse.

Our job site progress cameras have combined solar power, wireless, and cloud computing to reduce the costs of remote site cameras by 50%. Our turn-key solutions can have you monitoring your site live from the web in 20 minutes. Monitor, manage, secure, document, and promote your project all at a fraction of the cost.  Our HD cameras provide automated time-lapse, real-time imaging, live video streaming (wi-fi required), security recording and more, all from the web via any PC or mobile device.

Unlike many other job site progress cameras, our cameras are solar powered and require no electric connection or expensive generator to power them.

For more information on our job site progress cameras call us at 919-609-5633 or complete the form on our contact page.

Sample time lapse video. Wake Tech North Campus job site. Pictures are taken in 15 minute increments. Video is created automatically by our software as pictures are taken.