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Intrusion Detection Cameras

At Job Site Surveillance, our main objective is to use our live monitored intrusion detection video surveillance system to protect your job site against theft and vandalism. Theft is BIG  business, especially at construction sites where raw materials such as HVAC systems , copper piping and copper wire can be found, often uninstalled. But anything is subject to theft, even if it has already been installed.

Job Site Surveillance is here to help you, protect your assets, with our live monitored intrusion detection surveillance system. Our system uses intrusion video surveillance and immediate notification to allow our monitoring station to contact law enforcement, enabling them to respond while the perpetrators are still on site and can be apprehended and prosecuted!

After all, if a large shipment was just delivered, then stolen, not only are the materials lost, time and additional money is lost to re-order and replenish what was stolen. Contractors often face penalties for not meeting deadlines, even if it is not their fault that supplies were stolen.

Why Should you Choose Job Site Surveillance’s Live Monitored Intrusion Detection Surveillance Systems?

  • Catches Thieves in the act!Outdoor Motionviewer Camera
  • No Equipment to buy
  • 100% Wireless
  • Self Powered
  • 24 hour monitoring
  • Real time response
  • No Contract
  • Cost Effective
  • Proven Results
  • Priority Police Response
  • Endorsed by the National Sheriff’s Association

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