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Reliable Intrusion Cameras & Monitoring Systems

We focus on proven monitoring camera systems designed to be a reliable surveillance system that helps protect against vandalism and theft. Our experienced company uses a live intrusion detection video surveillance system that effectively secures construction sites. We have the experience and positive results from previous clients to set us apart from our competition.

Intrusion Detection Cameras

Reports of intrusions, robberies, and vandalism are so common on construction sites. We noticed the lack of efficient video surveillance services in this area and decided to bridge that gap with our live monitored motion-activated security systems.

Why Choose Our Systems

  • Indoor and outdoor motion-activated cameras
  • 100% wireless available
  • Self-powered available
  • 24-hour monitoring available
White Security camera on the Wall
Cameras for Recording Security

Progress Cameras

At Job Site Surveillance, our job site progress cameras are ideal for time-lapse documentation that can be used to create a video showing the project site from start to finish.

Our progress cameras are a reasonable way to keep your project team, investors, and partners informed on the development on the job site.

For more information on our job site and progress cameras, call us at (919) 459-8295