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SITEWATCH PRO Series Camera Systems

Remote Site Security & Surveillance Simplified

The SiteWatch-Pro Series is a flexible and powerful turnkey security and surveillance solution for remote site SiteWatch-700-Series-mountedmonitoring, recording, and alerting.  It is designed to address difficult sites that do not have power or internet available.

100% Solar/Wireless – Integrated solar power system

The SiteWatch-Pro Series is a self-contained, integrated system that is 100% solar powered. The camera system has integrated cellular and WiFi and connects through the available cloud service to provide remote monitoring and alerting from any web-connected PC, phone or tablet.

The SiteWatch-Pro cameras are fully configurable to address a wide range of applications in remote site surveillance and security. Setup of the SiteWatch-PRO Series is fully automated. Just mount on a pole, and it connects automatically to the cloud service. All configuration of the recording, and alerting features is done from the WebApp interface.

Flexible Remote Communications

The SiteWatch-Pro Series is certified and available on all major wireless carriers in the U.S. and Canada. The built-in WiFi interface allows using the SiteWatch-Pro Series with any standard WiFi connection – no proprietary hub or other hardware needed.

Long-range Motion Detection

The SiteWatch-Pro Series utilizes a high-quality Optex long-range PIR sensor for motion detection, providing motion detection at over 100’ from the camera. Motion detection supports masking and range, coverage and sensitivity are fully configurable. This provides flexibility in camera mounting location, and ensures that no event of interest will be missed. The motion detection feature can be configured to minimize cellular data usage, as images/video can be uploaded only when there are events of interest.

Dual Cameras with Night Vision white-truck-edited-zoom

The SiteWatch-Pro Series includes an 8MP color imager for day/ambient light situations, and a IR-sensitive night camera with night. The SiteWatch-Pro is available with high-powered white or IR LED-based illuminator.  Illumination can be configured based on time of day to optimize battery power and match application requirements.

Full-featured Site Monitoring

The SiteWatch-Pro Series offers several independent video and still image monitoring capabilities.  Live video streaming at 720p/H.264 provides real-time view of the site.  The built-in DVR provides 64GB of storage for video or still recording. DVR clips/images can be uploaded from the web interface for permanent cloud storage.  A flexible triggered image feature allows single or multiple still images or a video clip to be captured upon detected motion. The triggered imaging can be scheduled by time and day of week.  Images or video clips captured by the trigger system are uploaded to the cloud automatically, and alerts via email or text message can be configured.

The LiveView feature provides automated still-image capture at down to 1 minute intervals. LiveView parking-lot-night can be used for continuous site monitoring at significantly lower cellular data usage than video streaming.

Seamless Cloud Service

The WebApp+Cloud Service available for the SiteWatch-Pro Series provides a turn-key end-to-end solution for remote monitoring. The Cloud Service includes cellular data fees, WebApp hosting costs, unlimited cloud storage of video/images, video streaming relay, alerting, and technical support – all for a single monthly or annual cost.

3rd Party Integration

The SiteWatch-Pro system can be integrated with standard Video Management Software (VMS) systems.  SiteWatch-Pro configurations are available with interfacing for triggering and logging events from 3rd party sensors.

Endless Applications night-white-illuminated-person

The SiteWatch-Pro Series is ideal for remote sites that do not have power or internet, where remote security and surveillance must be deployed. The system is portable and can be moved and repositioned easily.  Common applications include:

  • Construction job sites
  • Oil & Gas drilling and production
  • Critical Infrastructure
  • Gate monitoring
  • Law enforcement and public safety
  • Parking lots and roadsKey Features

Key Features

  • 100% solar powered, 100% wireless site security/surveillance camera
  • Long-range motion detection and alerting
  • Day/Night cameras with illumination built-in
  • Built-in Digital Video Recorder (DVR) for continuous recording
  • LiveView – high-frequency still images uploaded quickly
  • Simple to install or move: just plug in solar panel, go to website and access your device
  • Standard 802.11b/g/n Wifi – works with standard access points/routers/antennas
  • Compact: small size and light weight mean simple one-person/no mounting anywhere
  • Reliable, built-in power system: No solar calculations, battery housings, chargers, or cabling to buy.
  • Affordable – for projects of any size