JSS Surveillance Camera Reduces Fire Damage at Wilmington Construction Site

Job Site Surveillance’s live monitored surveillance cameras helped to reduce major damage from being caused by fire at a Wilmington job site overnight. A skid steer caught fire after loose or bare wires caused the piece of equipment catch fire. Fortunately the piece of equipment on fire was detected by live monitored job site surveillance cameras used to protect the construction site against after hours theft. Job Site Surveillance dispatched fire personal to the site which were able to distinguish the fire prior to any damage being done to the building under construction. The skid steer was parked overnight next to a treeline which was also kept from catching fire. Unfortunately the skid steer was a loss however the losses could have been much greater had the fire been allowed to burn. The contractor of the building Brasfield and Gorrie expressed their gratitude and were very thankful that they had contracted Job Site Surveillance to provide after hours live monitored surveillance to protect their job site against theft and now this added benefit. In the videos below you will see what appears to be a large burst of light, this is actually the skid steer that had caught fire and is burning. If your company is looking to protect your construction site against after hours theft, vandalism, or damage from fire, contact Job Site Surveillance via email or phone. For more stories on how our services have protected various clients against theft and fire be sure to check out other articles in our blog. Job Site Surveillance offers various packages to be sure that your job site is protected. Besides live monitored surveillance cameras, we also offer job site progress cameras and CCTV systems that record to a dvr and are also able to be viewed on your wireless phone at anytime.