Job Site Surveillance Cameras Thwart Robbery at DR Horton Construction Site in Raleigh, NC

Thieves were looking to steal 3 HVAC units from a DR Horton Homes construction site in Raleigh, NC on Tuesday September 1, 2015, however their plans were derailed when Job Site Surveillance’s intrusion detection security cameras caught them on video and dispatched the Raleigh Police to the scene. The thieves were able to get away, however they were not able to get the copper they were after. Raleigh Police and CCBI arrived at the scene the following day to dust for finger prints to try and catch the suspects. Unfortunately they were not caught at the scene, however they were not able to get away with the HVAC units they were after. If not for Job Site Surveillance dispatching the police the thieves would have made off with what they were after. Prior to running from the scene, they had already removed the screws from all 3 HVAC units and had the top removed from one of them.

If you would like to insure your job site is protected against thieves contact  job site surveillance and find out what we can do to help you and your job site eliminate loss and vandalism. Our job site surveillance cameras are self powered and operate over the wireless phone network, this ensures that we can protect your job site no matter how remote it is. Without the need for power or wifi or system keeps your site safe even during storms when power may be loss.

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