Construction Site Surveillance Cameras Catch Intruders at Omega Constructions Aloft Raleigh Job Site

On Sunday October 25, 2015 at approximately 12:40am Job Site Surveillance’s Construction Site Surveillance Camera caught 3 individuals entering the Omega Construction Aloft Raleigh job site. Upon notice of the intrusion Raleigh Police were dispatched to the job site for further investigation. Upon arrival Raleigh PD caught 3 individuals on the job site. Due to the quick response of the Raleigh PD once Job Site Surveillance’s Construction Surveillance Cameras detected the individuals, they were able to apprehend them prior to any damage could be done or materials could be stolen. All 3 individuals were cited for trespassing and received appearance tickets to go to court.

Once again Job Site Surveillance’s construction site surveillance camera’s were able to protect a job site and ensure that no materials were stolen or property was damaged.

If your interested in protecting your job site against thieves and vandals, call Job Site Surveillance today and inquire about our construction site surveillance cameras and intrusion detection systems. Our construction site surveillance cameras are live monitored and run off 3.6 volt military grad lithium batteries and transmit videos over the wireless phone network. This allows us to protect your construction site from infant to completion stages all with no power or internet service required from you. Don’t wait until its to late, call Job Site Surveillance today and let us install one of our Construction Site Surveillance Cameras today. This will help keep your construction project on schedule and budget on track.

Aloft Raleigh RPD Call Log