Construction Cameras Lead to 3 Teens Being Detained


-Early in the morning on August 26, 2017 at approximately 1:46 am Job Site Surveillance’s live monitored intrusion detection construction cameras detect a break in at construction site in Loudon County, VA. After having already experienced a loss due to a break in, the company building the Davis Church climate controlled self storage facility in Loundon County Va, contacted Job Site Surveillance about installing some live monitored intrusion detection construction site cameras. The call paid off as JSS’s cameras detected 3 individuals breaking into the facility under construction. Upon JSS’s construction site cameras detecting the individuals they dispatched the Loudon County Sheriffs to the site. After a short search of the property 3 teenagers were caught and detained. You can see the live monitored construction site cameras catch sheriff’s deputies handcuff and detain one of the individuals. Thanks to Job Site Surveillance’s live monitored intrusion detection construction cameras and the Loudon County Sheriff’s quick response time no losses were incurred and no vandalism took place.

If your construction site has had issues with theft or vandalism call Job Site Surveillance today at 919-459-8295 and keep your site and your assets free from theft and vandalism. With over 1 billion dollars in construction projects protected the pros at Job Site Surveillance can design a construction camera package for any construction site. In addition to live monitored intrusion detection construction cameras, Job Site Surveillance also offers time lapse construction cameras to keep a photographic record of your construction sites progress.

By simply focusing on construction cameras the experts at Job Site Surveillance have the knowledge and experience to ensure your construction site’s surveillance needs are taken care. If you are interested in finding out what construction cameras work best for your site, give us a call or fill out our contact form on our contact page.

Worried about not having internet or power on your site? Don’t worry, all of Job Site Surveillance’s construction cameras, whether for intrusion detection or progress cameras are 100% wireless, meaning we don’t require power or internet services provided by you. Our products are powered by military grade lithium ion batteries in our intrusion detection cameras and time lapse cameras are solar powered. Both construction cameras mentioned above transmit video and images over the wireless phone network.